Our purpose

Since its inception in 2005 BeefBank has assisted the homeless, food insecure and disadvantaged through generous public, corporate and philanthropic donations. We are one of only a few organisations that provides meat to organisations such as Foodbank to distribute to frontline organisations to feed these groups.

Our partners

Our biggest supporter is the Clem Jones Foundation, which generously provides financial support to enable us to buy and process cattle. Without them many more people would be without the nutritious protein they need.

We also partner with many other organisations to facilitate the supply of meat to charities. Our partnerships include cattle buyers, farmers, state prisons, abattoirs and transport companies and allow us to function in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Our purpose is to ensure that the disadvantaged don’t go without food throughout the year.

The Stats


of all children in Australia live below the poverty line*

people received assistance from Specialists Homelessness Services agencies in 2019–20


of these were female


were children under the age of 10


were men or women aged 55 or older


were single parents with children

*Source: Poverty in Australia 2020 – part 1: overview, ACOSS and University of NSW 2020, 7 Mar 2020)

Why we help

Despite almost two decades of economic growth, 3.24 million people in Australia (13.6% of the population) lived below the poverty line.

The prices of essentials like food, health, education, housing, utilities and transport have climbed so much in recent years that people who are already struggling are susceptible to sudden bill shock and financial disadvantage. The COVID-19 Pandemic has only made things worse for many of the vulnerable in our population.

The current economic climate means people are turning to charity who would never have dreamed of seeking such support in the past. So it’s not just traditionally vulnerable groups such as the homeless seeking food relief, but also the aged, single parents and the working poor

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