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Welcome to Beef Bank
The Rotary Beef Bank project provides beef to Foodbank for distribution through charities to the homeless and marginalised of our communities. It works by:
  • Auctioneer purchasing cattle at the best possible price with no service fee
  • Butcher/abattoir in Warwick, for a reduced fee, produces pre-packaged sausages, mince and diced beef
  • Packaged meat is transported at no cost to Foodbank in Brisbane
  • Donated cattle follow a similar process with processing in the Brisbane region at minimal cost
  • Selected charities with licensed and commercial kitchens collect the meat from Foodbank and use to help feed the needy in our community
  • The number of meals depends on how meal extenders are used. An average beast will provide 1,000 sausage, 800 mince or 600 diced beef meals
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