In early May, board member Andrew Rodgers had the opportunity to go to Beef Week 2018 to showcase BeefBank to more than 100,000 patrons .

This was an important event for BeefBank as demand for our services continues to grow. Despite national economic growth and development, the demand for food relief in Australia is rising – and the statistics are alarming. As the population creeps towards 25 million, 3.6 million people are reporting every year that they have experienced food insecurity. Last year alone saw an increase of 10 per cent in the number of people seeking food relief. With 65,000 people turned away every month because of food shortages, of which 14,600 are children, the question of how to feed everyone still goes unanswered.

Now in its 12th year, BeefBank is calling for more donations of cattle and funds to meet that all-important demand for meals. With the imminent onset of winter and temperatures rapidly dropping, the need for meat is growing.

“Winter is particularly desperate because it’s cold, and people need a hot meal, Whether they want it or not, they need it to survive. And it’s not a privilege – it’s a need and a necessity. We’re not talking about a T-bone steak and vegetable meal; we’re talking about survival food – that someone can live another week because they’ve had that one sausage.”

BeefBank has received solid support since the event with articles in “The Land” and “Queensland Country Life” magazines. This is helping spread word of the charity to farmers and graziers. It has already generated donated animals for us to produce meals for the homeless, aged and working poor.

With the end of financial year fast approaching, please consider donating to help keep those less fortunate alive. Donations can be made at

About BeefBank

100% of all donations going to the purchase and production of meals for the homeless and those in need. We work through Foodbank to ensure the charities and non-profits on the front line of tackling this issue get the support they need. For more information visit us at or follow us on Facebook to see how we have helped provide over 400,000 meals to those most in need.

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