Believe it or not there is just under 10 weeks until we celebrate Christmas. Australians have strong opinions on what makes a great christmas. These range from being with the family, playing backyard or  beach cricket, lazing around the pool, going for a surf, sitting around the tree opening presents and for many, having a big feed.


Unfortunately, our lucky country just isn’t so lucky for some members of our society. With escalating living costs, a larger part of our society are struggling to make ends meet. Meaning having something special for christmas is well beyond their means.

This year BeefBank is determined to provide 2000 meals to those people who are looking at the possibility of not having christmas. These include the homeless, the working poor, the elderly, domestic violence victims and youths on the street. Working with our frontline partners such as the 139 Club we will help to ensure that 2000 people will enjoy at least one meal on christmas day.

The 139 Club was established in 1975 by a group of concerned citizens who set up a drop-in centre and refuge for the homeless. This was first housed at 139 Charlotte Street, hence the name “139 Club”.  Today, the 139 Club provides a range of services for its visitors, including support to find short, medium and long-term accommodation, as well as wraparound services to meet immediate needs, such as meals, showers and day beds. Outreach programs like those at the 139 Club go a long way in making a difference in peoples lives.

So what do you say, would you like to help support 2000 of society’s most needy enjoy their 2017 christmas? To donate simply go to and donate via paypal or credit card.

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