To help the poor and necessitous you don’t need to be a large charity. Sometimes, relatively small groups can make a huge difference.

For instance, on the last Wednesday of every month, members of the Rotary Club of Brisbane International gather at one of their homes for a large ‘cook-in’. They have already been to their local butcher and grocer who, each month, given them some chicken and vegetables. Rice they get from elsewhere; again as a donation.

At the member’s home, they prepare and cook various chicken and rice dishes, changing the menu slightly each month to add variety. And, for the vegans and vegetarians, the club members also produce vegetarian meals. Fortunately for some, the club members take it turns to gather at a different home each month. Some 70 or more meals are produced each month and packed into food containers which the local Woolworths generously supplies free of charge.

From there, it’s down to the Community Centre at Woodridge where they distribute to those who need a meal. They call it ‘The Logan Food Drive’ and the club tells me that they often recognise a few ‘regulars’. Must be that the ‘regulars’ know a good bit of tucker when they see it! Certainly, there is none left and it goes very quickly. The club served their December rations out early and they are very proud of the fact that they have served over one thousand meals this year…..a major undertaking for a small group of people who just want to make a difference and whose motto is ‘Service before Self’.

Not only that, but this year, the club also gave out ‘Blessing Bags’ for Christmas which contained a variety of non-perishable goodies including biscuits and some essentials such as toothbrushes,
toothpaste and soap. The whole concept was the brainchild of the wife of one of the members. Obviously – it is a lovely idea and long may the Rotary Club of Brisbane International keep this up!

Let’s all do our part to help change the future for those less fortunate than us. This Christmas BeefBank is aiming to raise $2000 for 2000 meals. You can help us reach our goal by donating
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