While circumstances can vary, the main reason people experience homelessness is because they cannot find housing they can afford. It is the scarcity of affordable housing particularly in more urban areas where homelessness is more prevalent, that is behind their inability to acquire or maintain housing. (Source: National United Alliance to End Homelessness)

A variety of additional factors can contribute to the problem; chief among these are poverty, a decline in levels of public assistance, lack of affordable health care, mental illness and addictive disorders.

Of course, longer term causes of homelessness are more complicated, but the one essential component they seem to share is loss of support circles. Either fleeing bad home situations, fearing unsympathetic family reactions, or having lost friends and family due to distance or other causes, people find themselves without shelter, and often their problems multiply from there, not infrequently compounded by anxiety and depression.

BeefBank is proudly run by the Rotary Club of Brisbane Centenary. 100% of all donations going to the purchase and production of meals for the homeless and those in need. We work through Foodbank Qld to ensure the charities and non profits on the front line of tackling this issue get the support they need. For more information visit us at www.beefbank.org or follow us on Facebook

With thanks to Coalition for the Homeless and Nashville Homeless Organisation for this article.

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