Not all charity organisations need $1,000,000 a year to remain operational. Whilst these bigger charities provide a lot of value to the community there are thousands of smaller charities and organisations working behind the scenes to ensure that the most vulnerable people in our society are cared for. These charities run on much smaller numbers and it is amazing what they can do in terms of returning an investment from these donations of small change.

BeefBank as a charity provides meat to front line service organisations that feed the homeless and needy. With a great board, filled with many years of experience in the agriculture, finance, government and non profit space they have developed networks and management procedures which allow them to get the best possible return for every dollar spent.

Small change in your pocket can make a big difference to a charity. In return, these well run charities take your small investment and provide a much bigger impact than could be otherwise be achieved.

Using BeefBank as an example:

For less than $1, BeefBank can help provide a meal to an individual homeless person tonight. For less than $5 they can feed the family of 4 who are sleeping rough in their car because they have nowhere else to go. For $250 they can help feed a whole soup kitchen for the night.

With the giving season not far away please consider these smaller, well run, low overhead charities that provide excellent
return for your investment. That small change in your pocket could be the difference in providing one extra meal tonight, which could mean the difference for someone making it through the night.

BeefBank is proudly run by the Rotary Club of Brisbane Centenary. 100% of all donations going to the purchase and production of meals for the homeless and those in need. We work through Foodbank Qld to ensure the charities and non profits on the front line of tackling this issue get the support they need. For more information visit us at or follow us on Facebook to see how we have helped provide over 300,000 meals to those most in need.

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