Having enough to eat is a basic human need. However, thousands in Queensland still feel the hunger as they barely manage a full plate for their families every day.  Even when there is food on the plate, it is not the complete and nourishing diet that people need.

BeefBank work hard to put meat product onto the plates of the needy, disadvantaged and homeless because meat is one of the most valuable sources of protein and is essential for a healthy life.

Too often, it is missing from so many diets on a regular basis and without a proper diet, you invite ill-health and malnutrition, especially in children.

Beefbank works through FoodBank to provide meat; mainly beef; to front-line charities.  Without BeefBank’s support,  spaghetti bolognese is just spaghetti and beef stew becomes pea, carrot and celery stew.  Without BeefBank, many front-line charities would struggle to provide balanced diets and wholesome meals to those who need them the most.

We want to put a decent meal in front of every child this holiday season.  BeefBank wants to ensure that every child has a Merry Christmas with a full tummy and a smiling face.

So join BeefBank with our ‘TURN THE TABLES ON HUNGER THIS CHRISTMAS APPEAL’ and click this link to DONATE NOW.

BeefBank is a registered fund with full DGR status.  Donations are 100% tax deductible, so every cent donated to BeefBank finds its way onto the plates of the needy and disadvantaged.  No admin fees, no salaries and no rents, BeefBank is a 100% charity.

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