On a recent trip to Sydney, a discussion about services for the Homeless was being undertaken with some volunteers. The subject of food waste came up. A volunteer was upset that a woman had dumped two sandwiches from her pack of three into a bin. Now on face value, it appeared that she was being ungrateful by this action. Why she would do this requires an in depth investigation before we should judge her.

It may be as simple as she was given too much food, but as most people in this situation are suffering mental or physical illness, or both, you would have to know all of the history and facts to make any sort of judgement.

This reminded us of the first presentation we ever attended by Ken McMillan from Foodbank Qld. In answer to a question on why families with good incomes required help, he replied, that it could be bad money management, problems with alcohol, drugs or gambling, but the important thing for him was not to ask a child why they were hungry, but to feed them.

Experience has also taught us not to be judgemental because you can often be wrong. The important thing is to keep seeing the good your donations are doing.  Also, we will keep working to ensure all have the chance of a good meal.

BeefBank is proudly run by the Rotary Club of Brisbane Centenary. 100% of all donations going to the purchase and production of meals for the homeless and those in need. We work through Foodbank Qld to ensure the charities and non profits on the front line of tackling this issue get the support they need. For more information visit us at www.beefbank.org or follow us on Facebook

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